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Benchrest Shooting

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We shot Hunter targets at 200 meters and 100 yards. The wind was not a factor at the 200 meter range because the sun had not yet begun to stir the air. When it came to the 100 yard portion of the event, the wind had kicked up considerably and brought with it some rain showers.

Our next event will be held on 11/22/2023 (the day before Thanksgiving). Be sure to mark your calendar and take note that the invitation for the event will be sent out promptly at 8AM on 11/15. Entry is based on receipt of an email response on a first come, first served basis. Entry will be expanded to 6 participants (we have a number of "snowbirds" that want to shoot) and I am willing to move to multiple relays if necessary. I'd like to accommodate as many enthusiastic benchrest shooters as possible.

Congratulations to Barb…

John Young

We had some very small groups produced at both 200 meters and 100 yards. The wind was dead calm and the overcast clouds dissipated as the morning went on so sighting, although not without its challenges due to aged eyesight, became much easier as the event progressed.

We had a new face join us to observe and learn what our shooting event was all about. Welcome Ed Hoover, We hope to see you at a future event.

As you may know, our shooter capacity is currently limited to 4 participants without moving to a second relay. We will gladly create a second/third or even fourth relay should the interest level increase. In short, I can commit that anyone interested in our centerfire event will have a bench from which to shoot. I encourage you to join in the comradery, sharpen your shooting skills, compete with some very good competitors, and…

Nice and cozy and warm out there today. The wind was not a factor but the sweat and fogging glasses sure did get in the way.

Tom Michenzi stepped back into the spotlight scoring a class winning 4,450/17X in the Unlimited Class. Nice shooting Tommy !

In the extremely competitive Factory Class, where everyone scored over 4,000 aggregate points, John Young took first place with an aggregate 4950/3X including yet another perfect score of 2,500. Rick DeCarlo said it best; "When you shoot Factory Class at Eustis Gun Club you better wear your big boy pants because the competition is rough." I could not have said it better.

Well.............for once the wind was not an issue for either Match. There was NO WIND and that added to our conundrum.

To say it was HOT this morning, does not do justice to the weather gods. I searched for another word that could properly describe our shooting environment this morning. The best I could come up with is to categorize the weather as CATASTROPHICALLY THERMIC. Perhaps nuclear fusion is more intense, but a heat advisory at 9AM, multiple shooters complaining that they could not see the targets because their glasses kept fogging up, and a verified thermometer reading of 107 degrees at our shooting positions sure does earn the label THERMIC CATASTROPHE.

The UNLIMITED Match was dominated by Stephen George who carded a thermic score of 4550/30X. Kimberly Lylte was an extremely close second with 4400/24X and Tom Michenzi rounded out the top 3 with an impressive 4350/23X.…

The rain held off as did the wind (for the first Match of the day; Factory Class). It was only when the Unlimited Class began their competition that the wind began to howl and cause problems for some of the shooters. In general, for both Matches, the scores were once again very impressive and reflective of the caliber (no pun intended) of the shooters we have attending the ARA events. We had guest shooters from Jacksonville and Lakeland join us today. Guest shooters are always welcome and always enjoy their time with us.

Jonathan Linforth returned to our competition today after an absence brought on by a medical situation that sidelined him for several weeks. Our prayers were answered by his return and he looks great and his smile shows that he is feeling much better. I'm certain he will continue a strong recovery after enduring a very strenuous…


THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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