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Benchrest Shooting

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The wind proved to be a definite factor in today’s Matches. Gusting torrents in the "wind bowl" that is Range 7 at Eustis Gun Club were a frustrating variable to all who participated. Yet through it all I heard several of the newer competitors remark that "I shot my best score ever" which I'm sure fueled their desire to come back again for the next competition to measure if their success today was a fluke or a sign of ever-increasing skill and precision on their part.

Congratulations go out to Keith Laylon on his 4150/19X to take 1st place in the Unlimited Class and to John Young for another stellar performance carding an impressive 1st place at 4775/2X in the Factory Class. Both competitors have obviously solved the riddle of the "wind bowl".

I also would like to mention that in our extremely competitive Factory Class we had only 90 points separate 1st place from 5th place. Impressive performance despite the adverse winds.

See you on May 17th for our next ARA Event.

Until then............AIM SMALL. MISS SMALL.


THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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