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Benchrest Shooting

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We had almost perfect weather. The wind was present but it was not any real influencer for anyone involved. We had a GREAT turnout (23 shooters) and a very even distribution between Unlimited and Factory entries.

I have added an additional piece of information that will hopefully help you determine your performance versus the group average. For each group (Factory and Unlimited) I have added a calculation that will display the "Average" score (bulls and X's) so you can determine the level of your performance versus the group. In other words, it's an attempt to answer the question; "Am I an average, above average, or below average shooter when looking at the entire Class."

We had some very impressive scores and CONGRATULATIONS go out to Tom Michenzi Sr. for an OUTSTANDING performance in the Unlimited Class and to Randy Clark for his win (again) in the Factory Class.

Of special note is that Randy Clark and Robert Atkinson both scored a perfect 2,500 score.

Thank you all for your continued and enthusiastic support of our ARA Program. Our scoring Team led by Rick DeCarlo does a far above excellent job in formulating our results. A tip of the cap to Rick and his outstanding crew. We couldn't do it without you!

OK.......enough are the scores.


THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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