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Benchrest Shooting

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The wind gods were gracious today for both the Unlimited and the Factory Matches. The newly “cleaned” range was in REALLY good shape. A special THANK YOU goes out to Bob Comerer and his grounds crew for doing a great job getting through the lead remediation in time to provide us with a very tidy range setup with new backing boards and a “lead free” berm (which we promptly began to pollute with 40 grain lead projectiles). Also a special THANK YOU to our emergency scoring crew; Tim Longcore, Joe Capelli, Ted Long, Tom Michenzi Sr., and of course Stu Brown. Scores were done and ready for review about 30 minutes after all shooting was completed. Not bad for a substitute crew. Thanks guys.

The scores are below for your review. Congrats to Tim Longcore on a stellar performance in the Unlimited Class and to Rodney Ingram for his excellence in the Factory Class.

There were a few questions about our format going forward that I would like to address.

We will continue to have two Matches (Unlimited and Factory) on the first Wednesday of the month and two Matches on the third Wednesday of the month.

There have been several requests to pre-assign benches as is being done at some other Clubs stating that it is more convenient and facilitates a faster setup. The ARA rules clearly state that bench selection is to be done in the following manner:

9. Match Sign-In, Drawing for Benches, Rifle Certification

9.1. Each Match Director shall hold a mandatory drawing for each competitor’s bench placement.

9.1.1. Each club shall have 2 bags with numbered chips placed in them. One bag will be blue and contain chips with corresponding bench number. One bag will be red and contain chips with the corresponding relay number. Blue for Bench and Red for Relay. The bags and chips are available from the ARA business office.

9.1.2. Each competitor (or match director at events with preregistration of 15 competitors or more) shall draw 1 chip from the blue bag and 1 chip from the red bag (if more than 1 relay) to determine bench placement.

9.1.3. Competitors may request to share a bench if multiple relays are offered. The bench assignment and relay must be randomly assigned as described above.

9.1.4. At the Match Director’s discretion, special bench assignment accommodation may be made for a person with a physical limitation or special need (ie: left-handed).

We will not pre-assign benches at ARA events at Eustis Gun Club. It’s against the ARA rules.

Our next Matches will be held on April 5, 2023. In adherence to our new format, we will alternate Match Classes and have the Factory Class as our first Match and Unlimited as our second Match of the day. We will limit competitors to 12 in both Classes. Notification for registration will be sent out on March 29, 2023 with registration being done at WWW.EGCRIMFIRE.COM.

Thanks to all competitors for another great set of Matches.

Continue to aim small and miss small.



THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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