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Benchrest Shooting

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Twas an absolutely delightful day for shooting. A very light wind, low humidity, plenty of sunshine, and (of course) coffee and donuts for all, added up to a great way to spend a Florida spring morning.

In the rush of organizing and administrating our events, I often neglect to thank those who keep things running smoothly. The scorers, the target retrievers, those who eagerly come to my truck when I pull up and begin to unload the sign-in tables, the signage, the scoring boxes full of the tools needed for scoring targets, the competitor who will remind me that we need to say the Pledge of Allegiance before we start, etc. etc. all the support necessary to “make it happen” You know who you are and I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate your unwavering support. THANK YOU !

I’m happy to see that Stephen George has returned to compete with us, as well as Al Mejac, Pete McClain, and Bernie Innella. Bernie, you look GREAT and although you didn’t shoot with us, it was good to have you back among us smiling and laughing as we enjoyed one another’s company. Thanks for stopping in and spending some time with us. It gives us all a boost when we see someone return from an illness or prolonged absence.

Congratulations go out to Tom Michenzi on a truly impressive performance today in the Unlimited Class with an aggregate score of 4850 with 33X. Nice work Tommy !

I sat next to Pete McClain as he quietly destroyed his targets to the tune of an aggregate score of 4800 with 3X to take the Factory Class honors. Pet’s a very quiet guy and he always surprises you with his performance. He doesn’t say a lot. He lets his rifle do the talking. Nice shooting Pete.

Next ARA Event will be held on May 3, 2023. Registration opens on April 26, 2023 at 8AM. Sign-up at WWW.EGCRIMFIRE.COM

AND FINALLY………Today we also celebrate the unofficial start of our War of Independence against King George’s England when the first shots of the American Revolution occurred at roughly 5:30 in the morning, April 19, 1775. In the space of no more than a few minutes life for the people of Lexington and Concord Massachusetts had changed forever. Eight residents of Lexington and their neighbors and relatives were dead and ten were wounded after the “shot heard round the world” changed forever the course of human history. God bless John Parker (Captain of the Lexington Militia) and forever curse Major John Pitcairn (Leader of the British force on Lexington Green). God bless America.

Enough of my nonsense. Here are the scores:

John Young


THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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