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Benchrest Shooting

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Well.............for once the wind was not an issue for either Match. There was NO WIND and that added to our conundrum.

To say it was HOT this morning, does not do justice to the weather gods. I searched for another word that could properly describe our shooting environment this morning. The best I could come up with is to categorize the weather as CATASTROPHICALLY THERMIC. Perhaps nuclear fusion is more intense, but a heat advisory at 9AM, multiple shooters complaining that they could not see the targets because their glasses kept fogging up, and a verified thermometer reading of 107 degrees at our shooting positions sure does earn the label THERMIC CATASTROPHE.

The UNLIMITED Match was dominated by Stephen George who carded a thermic score of 4550/30X. Kimberly Lylte was an extremely close second with 4400/24X and Tom Michenzi rounded out the top 3 with an impressive 4350/23X. Great shooting from some really great shooters. Stiff competition as always from some of the best UNLIMITED CLASS shooters in Florida.

The FACTORY Match was full of Tikka's, and CZ's with a couple Bergara's thrown in for good measure. In the class too, the heat did not dampen the scores at all. Very robust competition with Randy Clark carding yet another 2500 and finishing in first place with a 4850. Randy's effort was followed by two visitors from Williston finishing second and third. Welcome and congratulations to Scott Phanneuf for a second place finish shooting a 4825/7X and Gary Moss scoring a 4800/0X. The addition of these two expert marksmen has just upped the game in the Factory Class.

Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable (and thermic) morning of top notch competition.

See you at our next competition on July 19th.




THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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