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Benchrest Shooting

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Let me start with an apology for the tardiness of these results. Life has a way of altering my best laid plans and intentions. Thanks for your understanding.

The heat is definitely back on. Summer is here (despite what the calendar says) and with it the winds stirred by the heat. Yes.....once again the fickle winds played havoc with the pellets we threw downrange at very small targets.

I am VERY PLEASED to announce our winners this go-round because, if I'm not mistaken, it is a first for both of them in competitions held here at Eustis Gun Club.

FACTORY CLASS FIRST PLACE goes to Eddie Moreno. It has been a pleasure to watch Eddie improve his scoring in the Factory Class. Eddie joined us back in February and finished his first competition placing 9th out of 10 competitors. Since then his enthusiasm and excitement for the sport has moved him steadily to a position as a leading competitor in every Match he joins. Congratulations Eddie.

UNLIMITED CLASS FIRST PLACE goes to Kimberly Lytle. KImberly started shooting with us as a Postal Match competitor and with some urging along the way she began to attend our Matches on-site at Eustis Gun Club. From the beginning Kimberly showed that she could compete with "the boys" as she consistently finished in the top five but falling short of taking top honors. On Wednesday that all changed as she bested a very competitive group scoring a very impressive 4350-18X from a warped and weathered wooden bench in a hot and windy range environment. Great shooting Kimberly. Congratulations.

Our next ARA MAtches will be held on June 7th. Come join us for the fun and camaraderie as we "aim small, miss small", drink coffee and eat donuts.

Thanks for your continued support.



THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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