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Benchrest Shooting

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A very toasty day greeted both Relays as we kicked off the 50th .22lr Match held at Eustis Gun Club. Our history travels back to the days preceding our ARA affiliation all the way back to October of 2018 when a small group gathered to shoot USBR targets. The group has grown and certainly the experience and level of shooting skill and expertise has grown to the point that looking back on the scores from that first Match will bring a smile and perhaps a chuckle when looking at the scores.

JASON RAGAR, who has been a long time member of our shooting group, not only took first place in the Factory Class today by scoring a phenomenal aggregate score of 4,800 (5,000 is aggregate perfect), he also scored a perfect score of 2,500 on his second target card. That Tikka T1X he fires is just one heck of a little rifle. CONGRATULATIONS JASON !

TOM MICHENZI JR. laid down a very impressive score of 4350/19X to take first place in a very competitive Unlimited Class.CONGRATULATIONS TOM !

A number of our ARA competitors are off to the ARA NAtional Tournament in St. Louis, September 1 through September 4th. We wish them well as they join in one of the largest 22lr competitions held in the USA. Aim small. Miss small.

Here are the results from today's ARA Match.


THE BASICS Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport which dema...
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