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Black Powder

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The group known as the “Skunk Skinners'' has been holding muzzleloader / black powder matches since 1981. The matches are held the 1st Sunday of every month except July when no match is offered. Registration is from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM. The match begins immediately after the safety briefing at 8:00 AM and concludes by noon. The Eustis Gun Club is a charter member of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.


A safety briefing is held before each match to ascertain that all shooters are familiar with and understand the rules. New shooters unfamiliar with the rules can get a safety rule sheet from the scorekeepers. Any and all questions will gladly be answered. Of course, eye and ear protection is required.


All matches are held in 20 minute relays. If you do not complete a target in a relay you can finish it in the next relays.


You may use any muzzle loading pistol or rifle with percussion or flat ignition. A patched round lead ball must be used in the rifle or pistol matches. Any iron sights, open or peep are allowed. A single shot pistol or percussion revolver are allowed in the pistol matches. Either conical style bullets or round lead balls may be used in percussion revolvers. Black powder or modern replica black powder such as Pyrodex must be used in all matches. We do apply almost exclusively to N.M.L.R.A. rules with a couple of exceptions. We do allow two hand holding of the pistol. However, if you go to the State or National championships, you must use a hand to hold the pistol. Pistols may be shot from a bench rest but with certain penalties. Muzzle loading rifles are shot offhand.


A black powder cartridge rifle match is offered each month. Shooters must use crossed sticks, sandbags, or a nonadjustable front rest and shoot from the bench. A muzzle loading rifle can also be used in this match with conical or round patched lead bullets according to the NRA Black Powder Rifle Rules Revised February 2004. We have a special rule sheet for black powder cartridge rifles and the ammo allowed.


In the muzzle loading rifle and pistol matches usually no more than 25 shots are fired at distances of 25, 50, & 100 yards. In black powder cartridge matches, two targets are shot with 10 rounds each at a distance of 100 yards. Those shooters who participate in at least 6 matches during the year in the same category, will be eligible to qualify for an annual award. A person’s best six scores on the 6 bullseye SB-1 target at 25 yards for rifle, the P-2 target at 25 yards for pistol, and the P-1 target at 100 yards for black powder cartridge rifle serve as the standard for the annual award.

For more information on our Black Powder League contact

Terry McCauslin 352-308-9876


THE BASICS The group known as the “Skunk Skinners'' has been...
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