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Happy New Year Ladies,

On Saturday 8th at 9 am The Ladies group will be awesome!

The Pistoleros, Cowboy action shooters have a special surprise for the Ladies Group.

9:00 am is sign in as usual. 9:30 am we will have a demonstration of the Cowboy Action Shooting in Swamp Water. The set just outside of the meeting hall. After the demonstration we will have the opportunity to shoot their guns. The cowboys will load and unload for us, we get to enjoy the experience. They will be dressed in period clothing to match the period firearms.

This is a special opportunity for us. Invite your friends, non-members are welcome!

If you would like to try Cowgirl shooting it will be under the supervision of an experienced Cowboy action shooter. If you would like to watch and not shoot that is ok too. After we shoot with the Pistoleros we will go to the pistol berms and shoot our personal guns. We have pistols to loan if you need one.

720-238-7134. (Sydney)

If we have the time, we will clean our firearms.

The usual fees are $10 for supplies for EGC Members.

If you bring a guest, they will sign the EGC waiver and pay the

Eustis Gun Club the $10.00 guest fee.

Please RSVP by email or text whatever is easier.



Sydney Chipchase



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