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Steel Target Damage Range 9

EGC Range Safety Officers would like to thank the member or members who continue to act irresponsibly by damaging and destroying the steel targets on Range 9.

Pictures attached show one target penetrated with armor piercing or steel tip ammunition while the other target was destroyed this week and not reported.

This irresponsible behavior is not fair to other members since it denies them of the opportunity to shoot steel targets that were purchased and maintained by EGC.

When the last remaining target becomes unusable, a new steel shooting policy will be implemented. It will be a “simple policy”- Bring your own approved steel target and take it home with you. This applies to Rifle Range 9 ONLY.

If the remaining target is damaged and reported to the RSO as an accident, the maintenance staff will attempt to repair it.

Accidental damage is one thing- Deliberate acts of destruction are a sure ticket to membership cancellation.

Bob Comerer,

Chief Range Safety/Maintenance Officer

EGC Board of Directors


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