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Service Firearms Shoot

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Service Firearms Match Results 2-24-24

Hello fellow Members and competitors:

We will like to thank all of you that joined us at our match on 2-24-24. We are appreciative of your time and support for our group. The weather was perfect, and we had 14 participants with 38 individual event entries. Thank you all and we hope to see you at our next match on March 23, 2024.

Here are the results;

Service Rifle Iron Sights


Frank A. 199 7X M1A

Steve W. 198 5X AR15A2

Steve W 197 9X AR15A2

Chris W. 196 7X M1A

Joe L. 190 1X AR15

Charley B. 185 3X 1903A3

Joe L. 183 1X

Ron C. 163 2X KRAG SRC

Boyd W. 154 M1 Garand NM

Dennis G. 126

Martin S. DNF

Service Rifle With Optics


Joe L. 196 6X

Linda G. 187 AR15

Dennis G.. 185 1X AR15

Charley B. 177 1X 1903A4

Steve W. 175 1X 1903A4

Sarah W. 157 1X Remington 700

Chris W. 155 1X AR15

Martin S. 154 2X AR15

Rimfire Match


John B. 197 12X Ruger 22 Bolt

John B. 179 1X

Frank A. 174 2X Ruger 10/22

Chris W. 165 1X

Mike E. 160 2X AR-15 SP1 .22 Conversion

Mike E. 144 Tippman M4-22

Linda G. 136

Service Pistol


Sarah W. 177 2X Beretta 92 FS

Frank A. 176 2X 1911

John B. 171 2X 1911

Gene L. 168 1X S&W .38.Special Australian Military Revolver

Sarah W. 166 1X 1906 Colt

Morris A. 164 1X 6-10

Chris W. 164 1X 5-10

Sarah W. 163 1X 1911

Mike E. 161 1X Beretta 92FS

Ron C. 155 1911

Charley B. 152 1911

Charley B. 150 1X Colt SAA



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