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    • Access to Eustis Gun Club's 11 Ranges
    • Site Orientation
    • Adult Leagues
    • Youth Programs
    • Access to club blogs
    • Ability to bring guests (restrictions may apply)
    • Access to Interactive Website
    • Member Only Swap Meets
    • Your spouse and join with you at no extra cost!

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Requirements For New Members

Safety is our #1 priority, always.  We are passionate about keeping our members and their guests safe and informed.  Below are the requirements of membership.

Identity Verification

Each new member will need to provide a State ID, Diver's License, or Passport to verify who they are.

Verification of Safety Course Completion

New members will need to provide verification of previous safety course completion.  This may be your CCW or a Basic Safety Certification.  Active or retired police officers and veterans do not have to complete additional safety courses.  Officers and veterans may bring proof of service to verify firearm safety experience.  

If you have not completed a safety course, that is OK.  We have NRA instructors available to complete this requirement.  (Fees will apply). Trainer information is available on our "Meet the Members" page.

Payment Options

Eustis Gun Club works hard to give members every payment option available.  You can click on "New Membership" plan above to process your $350 payment.  If you would prefer, you can bring cash, check, or money order to the EGC office for processing between 10AM and 3PM EST, Monday through Friday.  Please be advised that plan payment does not guarantee membership.  Membership processing and approval is still required.

Site Orientation

Each new applicant must complete the Eustis Gun Club Site Orientation. The second Sunday of every month we provide the Eustis Gun Club Site Orientation. Please arrive at noon to sign in on time.  An applicant may read the Red Basic Club Safety and Range Rules booklet and test their understanding of the rules with a Range Safety Officer. 

Onsite Safety Verification

Range Safety is our number one concern. Range Safety Verification is NOW required. Each applicant will demonstrate the ability to safely load, shoot, and unload their firearm, to a Club Range Safety Officer.

The Range Safety verification includes the safe gun handling rules: Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction while handling your gun. Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are pointed in on the target and ready to fire.

The FIRST verification signature must be completed by our Site Orientation Instructors, Dennis & Linda Garcia, The Asst. CRSO, or the CRSO.  For your convenience, Mr. Garcia is available every Tuesday from 2PM to 5PM *OR* the 2nd Sunday of the month, following the member meeting. Please be advised, you cannot begin shooting on property until you receive this FIRST verification.

The probationary member will obtain three Eustis Gun Club signatures (shooting on three separate occasions) attesting to the knowledge of Club procedures and safe gun handling while shooting on the range. This should be completed before 60 days. When you receive your third signature you will be eligible for your permanent Photo ID card. At this point you may bring guests.

Commercial Training Applications

At this time Eustis Gun Club is not accepting commercial training application for range use.  Instructors are encouraged to find another club to conduct training.

What To Do When You Come To Shoot

Members and probationary members MUST display their EGC badge/Prob Card on their person at all times on EGC property.

Members and probationary members should always sign in upon arrival listing the range you will be on, the time in.  Upon departure all members and probationary members should always sign out what time they are leaving.  Probationary members will write "PROB" as their member number.

Probationary members will want to locate the RSO on duty to be observed and signed off on.

Probationary members are not allowed to bring guests.  Once you receive your permanent badge, you may begin bringing guests.

Once a probationary members completes the Site Orientation, receives their 3 RSO signatures, provides proof of safety course, they should give the Administrator or RSO the probationary card and receive the permanent badge.

Eustis Gun Club Annual Proration Chart

At Eustis Gun Club we try hard to give members the best value.  Effective January 1, 2021 we began offering prorated dues based on the month you sign up. Please keep in mind, the full annual payment of $250 will be the following June 30th and each year after.

                             If Joining In:              Dues:          Initiation Fee:         Total:  


                            JUNE                           $250                 $100                   $350

                             JULY                            $250                 $100                   $350

                             AUGUST                     $230                 $100                   $330

                            SEPTEMBER                $210                 $100                   $310

                            OCTOBER                   $190                 $100                   $290

                            NOVEMBER                $170                 $100                   $270

                            DECEMBER                 $150                 $100                   $250

                            JANUARY                    $130                 $100                    $230

                            FEBRUARY                  $100                  $100                    $200

                             MARCH                         $80                  $100                    $200

                                                   APRIL                           $250                 $100                    $350  (Best Value)

                             MAY                             $250                $100                     $350

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