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Pocket Berms 1-6, Mixed Use Shooting Range

The Pocket Berms are the ideal location for pistol target shooting. 


The following ARE allowed in the PISTOL BERMS

  • Straight walled rim and center fire pistol calibers under .50 caliber (no .50 caliber allowed)

  • Bottleneck pistol calibers 

  • Rim fire rifles and pistols

  • Shotguns with field, trap/skeet loads and buckshot.

  • Archery allowed within berm wall limits.

  • Air rifles or pistols – pneumatic or Co2


The following are NOT ALLOWED in the PISTOL BERMS

  • Shotgun slugs

  • High powered bottleneck rifle cartridges (refer to posted sign for details)

  • Large black powder rifles (refer to posted sign for details)


The information provided here is a partial list of the rules, regulations, and safety requirements involved with shooting at any range at the Eustis Gun Club. Every member should refer to the Eustis Gun Club Range Rulebook for guidance. If you have any questions, check with the Range Safety Officer (RSO) before any activity. 

Each shooting area has tables, and there are a few chairs. The Berms are partially shaded by large oak tree, and Berm 6 has a shade canopy. We suggest you create a checklist of items to bring with you, including:

  • Hearing Protection

  • Eye Protection

  • Bug Repellant (summer months)

  • Targets

Your checklist should be more extensive, but those are a few top items to start with. 

What is a shooting berm or pocket berm?

A shooting berm is a type of backstop used in a shooting range designed explicitly for using handguns or pistols. It is typically made of earthen materials such as soil or gravel. It is built to contain and trap bullets fired at it, preventing them from leaving the range and potentially causing harm to people or property. The berm is typically located at the end of the range and is used as a target for shooters. It is also used for safety reasons to stop bullets from leaving the range and hitting someone or something else.

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