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May 21, 2022
In EGC Board Recall Communication
I find it odd that the only thing on the EGC website is from one side. I saw this post earlier today on Facebook and wondered why I am not seeing any from this point of view. Every story has three sides. We are only seeing an edited version? Post from Facebook “For those of you that don’t know me, I am the current EGC Secretary. I’ve served on the BOD for approximately 11 years and been an EGC member since roughly 2007. The recent recall has created many questions from our membership and rightfully so. Due to confidentiality agreements in place and according to the terms of our Club Bylaws, I have remained fairly quiet, but today’s letter sent by a portion of the current BOD regarding the recall election has caused me to change my perspective and provide valuable information that I think all members deserve. If you would, this post may be shared as I have been locked out of using the EGC Constant Contact account, I guess there are parties that don’t want both sides shared. I have requested via email to the BOD to share this with the entire EGC membership via our Constant Contact account, but if for some reason, my request is denied, I'm hoping at least some of our members will see this. I did choose to lock Lori White, the EGC Administrative Secretary/Facilities Administrator (as I believe her title did change after she was hired out of 2 different email accounts that she had access to while supposedly working remotely and being paid by EGC. I made the decision based on phone calls and emails that members were not being replied to when sending emails to or The original recall notice was sent based on a petition signed by Club members asking for the recall. The Club President under Florida Statue does have that right. I had requested full access to the membership database so that we could ensure that all members were notified via email and/or snail mail, but my request was ignored by the BOD, specifically by the Club Treasurer, Marc Ouellette, who oversees the admin position and membership database. As Club Secretary, I have always had access but for some reason that was taken away prior to the recall election happening. The recall notice sent today by disgruntled board members contained incorrect information and does not reflect the paid advice provided by the EGC attorney. State of Florida statues have been adhered to and no attempt has been made to circumvent these actions. Most notably the reason that On-line voting is not allowed, we are bound to follow Florida Statutes and our attorney did point that out in an email to the entire BOD today. Prior to the recall being announced, due diligence was given on all matters prior to proceeding with this drastic measure. The letter today failed to mention that Bryce Lewis was asked to resign due to his actions against a Club member and was also the recommendation of our Club Attorney. There are many issues at play, the least of all in my opinion is the Personality conflicts that have occurred. Grow up and be adult is how things should have been handled, but as you’ve seen that is not the case. Bruce Formhals, Jon Lewis and I have been accused of several underhanded and I believe the word illegal was used, but I guarantee that won’t stand up in court. However, the veiled threat made by an EGC employee to sue the Club is written in an email to the entire Board of Directors, but of course that wasn’t shared in today’s recall notice. In regard to items posted on the EGC Forums, Jon Lewis tried to post substantiating documentation and his posts were removed and now he is blocked from accessing anything on the EGC website that requires logging in. There are many comments in regard to my actions in the past, it’s interesting though how they don’t fully match the approved minutes that were posted for these meetings. Words have been changed, removed, etc. I have chosen to not post any replies or retaliations as I know I’ll be banned as well. I have been accused falsely by Bryce Lewis (Lori’s boyfriend and a member of the BOD) of several actions that I had no part of. For those that know me, I am very vocal and will always speak my mind and do what I feel is not only right for the membership of EGC, but also to promote shooting sports as best as I can and to maintain my integrity and remain ethical. I do not feel that Jon Lewis or Bruce Formhals have acted in any underhanded manner during this entire process. Bruce assumed the role of President (as our elected President did resign) and his goal along with that of Jon and I has been accountability to the members of EGC. This includes the handling of aspects of membership, range rules, safety, and most importantly financial matters of the club. The BOD needs to act in the best interest of our Membership when it comes to spending club money. There are rules in place according to our Bylaws and in practice of accountable accounting procedures. For unknown, reasons there are members of the BOD that have chosen to ignore that aspect and money has been and is still being spent without following the proper procedures set in place. I ask that all Club members reach out to several members of the BOD and ask questions. You have the right to an informed decision, not just reading what is randomly posted and extremely one sided. Thank you.”
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